Career in Event Industry !!

 Events are diverse by definition. They range from conferences, exhibitions, incentive programmes, meetings and global summits to festivals, product launches, sporting spectacles and corporate hospitality. They contribute significantly to tourism, creative enterprise, trade and export development, as well as to the exchange of information and knowledge 
Career Prospects in the Event Management Industry
Event Management is a multi-billion dollar industry, growing rapidly, with conferences, meetings, trade shows and social events hosted regularly all over the world. Given the tens of millions of events that take place world wide annually, it’s no wonder that Event Management is one of the fastest growing professions today, with a range of part-time and full-time opportunities. In a recent report on career opportunities,  Event Planning ranked in Top 50 Careers across all professions.
A fast growing job market
Just look around you, and you'll quickly notice the sheer number of small and large scale events that take place every single day. 
Employment of  event planners is expected to grow 25 percent over the 2012-22 decade, which is faster than the average for all occupations. this explosive growth is not limited to just individuals within the industry. Given the fast pace of growth in the industry and the scarcity of quality educational programs, opportunities are now open to experienced as wells as professionals looking to switch careers into this dynamic profession.  
Increasing salaries and job satisfaction
Not only are the growth prospects encouraging, but limited availability of qualified event planners is driving demand and annual salaries to new highs. 
Benefits of studying at the Indian  Institute of Event Management Research 
Take control of your career, on your terms Earn your certification on your terms, whether you choose to study during the week or over weekends, you can count on an engaging curriculum and a supportive learning environment. 

 Our philosophy is centered around enabling our students to reason clearly and act decisively. We design our course work and assignments to turn our students into  problem solvers, who utilize critical-thinking skills to identify issues, evaluate options, and recommend creative solutions.
Empowering every student to maximize their potential Looking for a career change or just want to enhance your experience? Our programs are designed to make you proficient in the Event Planning discipline and enable you to apply this knowledge immediately in your day to day work. Because you’ll be learning from professionals who have both real-world and academic experience, you’ll be able to apply what you learn one day to your job, the next. With flexible program options, you’ll have choices and room to grow.

 IIEMR’s courses bring a wealth of academic and industry experience from professionals who bring an amazing blend of rigor and hands on experience in Marketing,  Business Management and Event Planning


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