The Roller-coaster Effect of Event Planning

Being an event planner may seem like a dream job to many. You get to travel to fun locations to set up and manage events of all kinds, meet amazing vendors and sponsors all around the world who you will form trusting relationships with, and brainstorm with fun teams to create unique, engaging event experiences for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of attendees.
However, planning events is sometimes not as exciting as it may seem. You definitely need a strong personality and to have great communication (among numerous other skills) while planning events.
If you’re considering jumping into the field of event planning, take a look at the pluses and minuses below before going in full force! You never know what you’re made of until you give it a try though!

Pluses of Event Planning:

From small towns to exotic resort destinations, traveling as an event planner can have some great perks! While hard at work months or even years leading up to an event, you get to see it all come together in some very cool locations!
There’s nothing better than the feeling of seeing all of your hard work as a planner come to life the day of the event. There’s such a rush of excitement, nervousness, and anxiety on the actual event day, but once it’s all said and done (and hopefully all went well) it’s nice to take a breath and see first hand what you accomplished.
As a planner, understanding the right skills needed to create successful events is important. These skills usually include great communication, friendly disposition, thinking outside of the box, and having a great mindset for what goals you’re trying to accomplish at each and every event you plan. If you have these skills, you will be extremely successful as a planner.

Forming Relationships : 

Meeting vendors, speakers and sponsors is always a perk as a planner. You get to form unique relationships with some amazing people all over the world, and they end up placing their trust in you time and time again. It’s important as a planner to make these relationships last and go out on a limb from time to time for your “event squad” in order for everyone to be successful, which is what matters most.

Steering Clear of the Norm :

Being able to do fun and crazy things is also a plus in the world of event planning. A few ways planners can do this is by creating exciting event themes, networking meet-ups, cool giveaways, social media contests, out of the box speaking sessions that engage attendees, and making sure sponsors go above and beyond with their booths at trade shows in order to entice people. You can do so many interesting things when planning an event of any kind. Remember to not be the norm, and to always go above and beyond – these are the events people will remember and what to come back to year after year.

Minuses of Event Planning:

Let’s just say planning events does not happen in a week. People tend to think events come together overnight, but in reality it takes a very long, and sometimes painful time to plan events. Long hours, weekends at work, and hardly any sleep are usually the formula event planners see when slaving away at all of the little details. Be sure you’re up for a big challenge if you decide to join the circus of event planning!
There’s also always the feeling of failure. After planning an event for months on end, when the big day comes you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions. If the event is not a success, you have ultimately lost in several ways. You’re looking at a loss in budget, attendance for next year, and a potentially bad rep in the events space, which is never a good thing. Think through every detail of the event you’re planning, and remember to always triple check all areas before any green lights happen.

Change that ‘Tude !

Having a bad attitude  will get you nowhere in event planning. A lot of attendees, speakers, vendors, etc. can be a lot to handle during the planning process. It’s imperative that you stay positive, easy-going, and have a smile on your face at all times, especially when people lash out at you – which WILL happen. Events can get to the best of people, so make sure you keep your cool and help delegate where needed as quick as possible.
While it may seem everyone else is having an amazing time, the event planner is usually behind the scenes, reviewing logistics, answering questions, and making sure everything’s running smoothly. You may be in a tropic location, but until the event is 100% wrapped, you may not see the light of day.

Don’t Let the Little Things Bother You :

Event planners often experience severe stress and anxiety. This may seem silly to some, but it’s a price some planners may face if they don’t manage their hours, time at work, and planning seriously from day one. Take a step back and set up checklists, time off each week, and always reach out to your extended planning team when you feel overwhelmed!

In Conclusion :

Planning events is definitely a fun job. There are so many perks; these don’t even top the list! Having the right attitude, mindset, and skills are key in order to be successful at event planning. Go over this list again and again if you’re considering event planning, or even as a kind reminder to those already in the industry. You never know what you may be missing out on (or not) !

About The Author
Holly Barker
Holly Barker is a Digital Native with a passion to help shape events and brands through storytelling, creativity and digital magic. She has over 10 years of experience consisting of social media marketing, events and promotional management, digital marketing, and brand development.


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